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Teenage author Atwater-Rhodes returns to the vampires and witches of In the Forests of the Night for this fast-moving sequel. This time, she focuses on Jessica, . Though nobody at her high school knows it, Jessica is a published author. Her vampire novel, Tiger, Tiger, has just come out under the pen name Ash Night. Demon in My View is a vampire novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and published on May 9, Originally titled Bitter Life, it was published when the.

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From childhood’s hour I have not been As others were — I have not seen As others saw — I could not bring Vieww passions from a common spring — From the same source I have not taken My sorrow — I could not awaken My heart to joy at the same tone — And all I lov’d — I lov’d alone — Then — in my childhood — in the dawn Of a most stormy life — was drawn From atwater-rhodrs depth of good and atwater-rhodrs The mystery which binds me still — From the torrent, or the fountain — From the red cliff of the mountain — From the sun that ’round me roll’d In its autumn tint of gold — From the lightning in the sky As it pass’d me flying by — From the thunder, and the storm — And the cloud that took the form When the rest of Heaven was blue Of a demon in my view —.

Dec 26, Dae rated it did not like it. It’s a novel written about a condescending, angst-ridden year-old by a condescending, angst-ridden year-old, and it fails to bring anything meaningful atwater-rhoded the state of being a condescending, angst-ridden year-old.

Demon in My View

Fala further reveals that she witnessed Jessica’s birth and despised Jessica’s mother as atwater-rhoves for her percieved weakness and her unworthiness of Siete’s blood.


A Smoke witch gives her life using her powers to grant Jazlyn’s wish to become mortal, and Jazlyn, to her shock, gave birth to her daughter Jessica. And that’s my problem, really.

Having once been a year-old girl myself, I recognize a lot of her writing style as quite typical of a teen girl who doesn’t quite fit in and who has at least enough talent to express herself coherently. She takes him on in many ways through out the book, but only once physically when she slaps him. I grew up in Concord, Massachusetts, where I matriculated through the public Concord-Carlisle school district from kindergarten until my graduation in The night is full of mystery.

Demon in My View (Den of Shadows, #2) by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

I didn’t realise that each story followed a different character, but in the same world. I didn’t like Amelia Atwater Rhode’s writing, though a lot of people would disagree with me. I didn’t like the main character, Atwater-rhodws, at all. Jessica continues to have troubling dreams of a vampire she has never come across in all of her dreams, a woman who despises her vampire existence and longs to atwater-rhodds human again — a desire that is offered to be granted by a Smoke witch.

I recommend reading it, because it also didn’t take very long.

Girls, stay home and wash your hair instead. At Ramsa High, many students are afraid of her and some think she’s a witch. This author is inspiring geesh, I get like this about all young authors. I hope to work either as an English teacher at the secondary level, or in special education.

Still, worth a re-read!

Aubrey was another piece of fish. Her classmates shy away from her dark aura and her unpleasant personality until two new students arrive. There were several times where her harshness was a completely uncalled for but she’s a teenager and weren’t we all like that yada yada yada.


She jumped right away to the conclusion that the woman she was dreaming about was her mother, but no one gives her a definitive answer. View all 3 comments. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes has the ability to capture the vampiric essence without the stereotypes one commonly associates with younger writers. Jazlyn chooses to give Jessica up for adoption in the hope that a happy home will keep her from the darkness.

Even when the moon is brightest, secrets hide everywhere. There are a few poems in the book that were fun and interesting to read and attempt to comprehend, which makes me smile. The beginning few pages were very well detailed but after that, it became basic.

It had e Nostalgia again. I would have liked to have seen how the story progressed. Paperback iin, pages. I was never that happy with Alex especially in “In the forests of the night” so I was expecting more of everything I loathed in him to appear in this book but.

I liked seeing this completely different side of him in this book. Jun 26, Christy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: By the way, I adore this poem, I know it word for word.

Jessica Allodolla a secretly published author still attending high school as a Senior realizes suddenly, that the characters of her novel tiger, atqater-rhodes are real, either that or, she is going insane. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.