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The ANC held its 52nd National Conference at the University of Limpopo in Polokwane from December Jacob Zuma was elected as ANC President. General assessment of resolutions. The ANC’s 52nd National Conference ( Polokwane, December ) took resolutions that: * effectively. I am honoured to welcome you to this 52nd National Conference of the . The Economic Resolutions of the 51st National Conference were.

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The activities constitute a serious threat to our national security. However, government investment, including the public enterprises, while higher than ever, is still only half as large as private sector fixed investment.

Report lays bare hijack, murder and cnference horror of ex-EFF man.

We are gathered here to discharge our responsibilities as delegates from the branches of our organisation and I trust we will do so sincerely and diligently, conscious of the historic obligation imposed on confrence movement to lead not only the membership of the ANC, but the entire South African nation.

Among others, the draft Bill provides for the establishment of Community Safety Forums.

52nd National Conference of the African National Congress

And in everything we do over the next few days we should continue to sustain and demonstrate the understanding that characterises all members of our movement that the ANC was established 96 years ago to serve the people of South Africa, not our interests as members. Related Articles ANC conference resolution: Resolutuons deal effectively with crime, it has always been necessary to have a full comprehension of the trends of the different types of crime.

We are on track to meet the targets on water, sanitation, electricity and housing by as well as meeting the millennium development goals. We are already using Household Food Production Programme as part of a package of measures to improve food security among the poorest and vulnerable communities, targeting, in these areas, households, schools, and clinics and providing them with diverse agricultural production packages.

I am certain that as before, we will live up to your expectations by once again confirming the commitment of the ANC to the progressive agenda we share. Progress has not been rapid, but we continue to explore how to support cooperatives and other forms of alternative enterprises resoltuions effectively. A central pillar of our National Democratic Nationl is our strong, sovereign economy, whose main objective is to eliminate poverty and radically reduce inequality.

This is the first time in South Africa’s history that we have had four successive years of growth above 4. In different sectors the charters and codes have had a tremendous impact. All of these sectors link strongly into the second economy. The question persists whether we have done and are doing enough, as the ANC, government and all sectors of our nation, to bring into being a unified and common South African identity. But we also have high expectations of first economy sectoral development, especially those sectors which are able to benefit from our major infrastructure investment efforts.


I am honoured to welcome you to resokutions 52nd National Conference of the African National Congress on behalf of our National Executive Committee and in my own name. Yet, at the same time, as far as the progress that we have made since is concerned, the facts speak for themselves.

I will therefore now proceed to report on the matter of the state of the nation with regard to the continuing struggle to defeat poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment within the context of the Resolutions adopted at our previous National Conferences.

ANC conference resolution: On education and health – PARTY | Politicsweb

This matter of self-image also manifests itself in the Freedom Park Monument currently under construction, which will serve as a great tribute to our struggle for freedom but also to the dignity of our resoultions and all human beings. Accordingly, in the past five years the areas with the greatest number of violent crimes were identified as those that are poor and economically depressed. If we look at issues such as asset poverty, we also find that it has declined since the mids.

One of these is reducing the high rate of youth unemployment. The poverty gap, which is the gap between the average incomes of those below the poverty line and the poverty line fell by about 20 percent between and We have already seen nationzl in our industrial strategies for sectors like tourism and business process outsourcing, and we expect significant successes linked to bio-fuels over the next few years.

By so doing they helped, in no small way, to unite our people and ensure that many are proud to be South Africans. These provided the context in which discussions took place. A White Paper on Correctional Services has been developed and approved and rssolutions its core is the imperative to rehabilitate inmates.

These allocations are expected to lead to an increase in enrolment of students by and the production of more graduates. This is a sharp increase in per capita income. We must attend to this matter, not as part of routine work, but as an urgent challenge that needs extra-ordinary attention. Further to improve our public health system, various programmes are being implemented which include the further expansion of the health infrastructure, hospital revitalisation, the re-opening of Nursing Colleges, expanding training and employment of nurses, social workers and auxiliaries, increasing the number of training institutions, improving the quality of training, instituting a bursary system and continuing to improve the conditions of service of all health workers.

Most ANC leaders initially claimed that no campaigns were underway for the party presidency, and that the party was united. It attaches to a proud nation.


It is not surprising therefore, that nxtional as a percentage of GDP has already risen above 21 percent from 15 percent in The result is that, so far, we have exceeded our AsgiSA growth target.

While we have made significant progress in poverty reduction, the growth of incomes of the rich has also been rapid.

School enrolment is high, and is now virtually universal at the primary level. Resolved to call upon government to ensure that programme and broader efforts to restructure the country’s science and technology infrastructure to benefit the poor and rural areas. Nevertheless, we remain committed to the multilateral trade system and remain optimistic that the Doha Round will reach a satisfactory conclusion. While awaiting the outcome of this case and we will, as usual, respect the decisions of the court, while maintaining our commitment to affordable medicine for all.

With respect to providing training and development of former members of the liberation movements as well as ex-SADF personnel, the Department of Defence has established the Centre for Advanced Training.

In this regard, the newly elected leadership, fired up with passionate selflessness and steeped in the vintage traditions of our movement, will bear the huge responsibility to catalyse our people’s aspirations for a social order free of the trappings of poverty and the entanglements of racism and sexism.

We are blessed to be the descendents of the men and women who built these great civilisations and whose achievements should continue to inspire us to do what we should to ensure the renaissance of the African continent.

But just as important is access to social services and social infrastructure.

Mbeki’s speech at ANC conference: Part 1

These policies clearly state that as we confront poverty and underdevelopment, we should, at the same time, empower our people so that they, themselves, should be their own liberators while creating adequate social nets to natinal the most vulnerable in our society. Such measures can include the following:. The Commission also received presentations on the progress made since the 52nd National Conference resolugions the ANC and government.

As productivity and exports are expected to continue to rise, we seem sure to meet our growth, employment and poverty reduction targets by As Conference will remember, the slogan we used for the elections called for “A people’s natioal to create work and fight poverty!

Strides have been made regarding the implementation of the National School Nutrition Programme, including social mobilisation for food gardens.