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Their follow-up album, Grand Hoteldid fairly well, reaching No. The opening will take place on Saturday, February 3,at The general theme is focused on the idea of Fruits and seeds: The poster of the symposium During 1 — 28 february you could admire some azalea and camellia varieties in the Greenhouses Complex.

Renate Aschauer-Knaup, 1 July Kiril Vassilev will present interesting aspects on the Romanian Grassland Database RGD as its historical background, current status and future perspectives.

VinylLP, Album. Companies etc Printed By — I. The official opening will alexanrru place on 23rd October at We recommend you to use the entrance in the Botanical Alexandur from Dumbrava Rosie street, no. The ticket price is 5 lei. The exhibition will be opened daily between 9 a. Warm and strong colors of the petals of azaleas and camellias accompany many tropical and subtropical plant species, which transmit messages understood only by those who really appreciate nature.

SistemIS members will hold several presentations in order to emphasize the importance of protecting the European ground squirrel.

Adrian Enescu

The event is addressed to nature lovers of all ages, being an educational activity integrated in the program dedicated to World Environment Day. The actual edition of the exhibition “Autumn Flowers” is an invitation to discover the glamour of the noble arts, in their aesthetics being integrated stories and symbols with and about the chrysanthemums.

They represent prosperity and fruitfulness, as a sign of regenerative energy! In the same interesting space, 42 artists from Iasi, and other cities, display visual art works within the Heart exhibitionevent that reached its 5 th edition. The photographs catch in an artistic way the diversity of these animals and the scientific rigor of specific details, accompanied by novel explanations.


In the exhibition space exotic species are presented that can be discovered through touching, but also plants that have decorative leaves such as crotons, figs, dracaenas, ferns, bay laurels, begonias, impressive flowers such as orchids, freesias, lobster-claws and remarkable habitus: In our country, the chrysanthemum cultures followed the natural trend in what concerns the amelioration techniques and within this institution were created several varieties with important decorative value, approved and maintained in culture for over 40 years.

The varied species and sorts offer special relaxing scenery, and can enrich the knowledge about plant diversity. For this arjonie 2 new aalexandru of the Greenhouse Complex were set accordingly for the cultivation of species from this scientific collection.

They will be completed for the first time, by the special color of beet leaf petiole. From the Cucurbitaceae family different varieties and numerous decorative specimens will be displayed, interesting through their shapes, colors and sizes, many of them with medicinal value, belonging to Cucurbita genus C.

It did almost as well in the United Statesreaching No. The exhibits impress by their various culture forms and intensely colored inflorescences and are arranged according to scientific and esthetic criteria.

During this period, exhibition greenhouse is the meeting place for the plant species from tropical and subtropical forests of Asia and South America or the deserts and savannahs of Africa and Central America.

The exhibition will be presented cultivars of the species Chrysanthemum morifolium and cultivars belonging to the Chrysanthemum indicum species. The exhibition pascnau be open daily, from 9. The participants will need to bring personal laptops and to register on mail: Symbols of abundance, prosperity and good fortune, the fruits and seeds are everywhere valued as sources of energy that ensured their fulfillment.

The collection gathers numerous specimens that impress through their intense colored flowers and ages of over 40 years. These shapes convey the idea of harmony and suggest a new beginning. The edition qlexandru this alexanddru is to celebrate a century and a half pacanu the founding of the University of Iasi. Volunteers have free acces.

Marinela Nedelcu | Free Listening on SoundCloud

On the alley for the people with visual disabilities, the exposed varieties will impress by the specific alexajdru and soft appearance. It is our great pleasure to announce that dr. Evelyn Wolfram-Schilling – specialist researcher within the Group of Phytopharmacy, from armoniw same Institute, from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, associate Professor at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, have participated during of October in an experience exchange organized by the Botanical Garden, in collaboration with PhD.


In the collection of the Botanic Garden of Iasi 35 azaleas and 12 camellias cultivars are present. In exhibition will be presented various species and varieties from the collections of azaleas and camellias, conifers shaped in bonsai style, and also peperomias, begonias, fittonias, marantha, crotons, euphorbias, cacti.

Numai cine nu stie, nu poate intelege ce greu este sa nu impartasesti tuturor starile prin care treci ascultind muzica. Compune muzica foarte diversa stilisticde la muzica Electro Acoustica la Muzica simfonica si Muzica de Jazz.

The visitors are expected daily, between 9. The poster of the symposium. These birds that reflect the idea of freedom will be in perfect harmony with the elegance and refinement of the specimens of camellias and azaleas. Photo gallery In 12 — 14 November period, in the “Anastasie Fatu” Botanic Garden has been organized a posters exhibition reflecting the Natura Network in Romania.

Some of these are personalized and reunited within an amusement area destined for visitors of all ages. The workshop is open to anybody interested in phytosociology and phytosociological databases and in contributing their own data or digitized data from the literature to the Romanian Grassland Database.

The collection of azaleas and camellias, flowers of a real beauty, will represent the attractive point of the exhibition. The activities will be held daily, from 9 a. There will be displayed cultivars of chrysanthemums belonging to the species Chrysanthemum morifolium and over 70 cultivars of chrysanthemums belonging to the species Chrysanthemum indicum.