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90 Supporting Information ANNEXE 1. Advice on Selecting Alternative Risk Mitigation Measures BCI Good Practice Guidelines | GLOBAL EDITION. 9 Glossary of Terms 11 Good Practice Guidelines BCI Good Practice Guidelines GLOBAL EDITION []. 4 Contents BCM Management Professional. URL: html (accessed July 23, ). BS URL: (accessed July 23, ). This page.

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Originally it was proposed that there should be 13 or 14 skills but over time these were whittled down to 10 standards of competence. More notes on this topic can be found in Annexe 2. The process to collect information on the resources required to resume and continue the business activities at a level required to support the organization s objectives and obligations.


Procedures should be documented. Not having this information should not stop the BCM programme being undertaken. Successful candidates will be awarded a pass or a pass with merit. Simply log-in to your account to download.

This resource description includes key information, plus links to additional information at the rule or standard’s publisher. An understanding of the organization s strategy, objectives and culture is required before the scope of the BCM programme can be determined and choices selected.

DCC Francis More information. In some regulated environments a formal Risk Assessment is a mandated activity. Kristin Powell 3 years ago Views: Activities implemented prior to an incident that may be used to support and enhance mitigation of, response to, hpg recovery from disruptions. Corporate Services Policy Number: This GPG establishes the specific individual competences that are essential in implementing a BCM code of practice or certification scheme within an organization.


Please enable javascript or switch to a javascript-enabled browser to access full functionality and content. BCP Business Continuity Plan A documented collection of procedures and information that is developed, compiled and maintained in readiness for use in an incident to enable an organization to continue to deliver its critical products and services at an acceptable predefined level.

The BCI Good Practice Guidelines (GPG)

If a BIA has already been conducted to ascertain the effects of a loss of products and services the group will include the outcome of the BIA in its review. A system to establish policy and objectives and to achieve those objectives e.

It should not More information. In a more mature BCM organization in which these techniques are embedded at functional level, the role of the BCM manager will move to a policy setting, governance and quality assurance activity, possibly reporting to the Head of Risk Management, Audit, Compliance or Company Secretariat. From a BCM perspective, it is important to emphasise that if a time critical product or service has been identified, then a BCM response is essential.

Statement of Objectives 1. May Document owner: Exploring the Good Practice Guidelines edition: Principles for BCM requirements for the Dutch financial sector and its providers. BCM is not about identifying, assessing and reporting every conceivable risk to an organization, its markets, customers and the wider world in which it operates and it is certainly not about allocating probabilities to event occurrences.

This policy is a key part of the Department for Transport s internal control framework and specifically covers the Department More information.

Business Continuity Management Governance. During the early phases of implementing BCM into an organization, there will be need for specialist BCM professionals to manage projects, co-ordinate plan developments, organize exercises and tests and validate BCM capabilities.



BCM is a tool to help improve organizational performance. It is becoming an essential enabler of organizational resilience as part of business as usual, thanks primarily to its focus on identifying and protecting sources of value within an organization. The Institute of Internal Auditors IIA is a powerful research and guidance organization focusing on audit principles and processes for business and IT functions.

Newcomers to the discipline should also work alongside an experienced practitioner or attend an appropriate education programme. Business Continuity Planning Business Continuity Planning We believe all organisations recognise the importance of having a Business Continuity Plan, however we understand that it can be difficult to know where to start. Risk Treatment Stakeholder The selection and implementation of measures to modify risk. A process to rehearse the roles of team members and staff, and test the recovery or continuity of an organization s systems e.

The BCI was founded in as a direct result of the recommendations from a Survive working party. This organization was later to become a commercial provider of training, events and publications but the initial vision as a networking group proved very successful. Member functions are locked. A manufactured product or range Waste collection for a municipality Telephone support for a software company Decisions on which products, services or locations to include within the scope may be prompted by one or more of the following factors: Many functions here will not work and some significant content will be inaccessible.

To enhance the resilience of the financial sector and to minimise the potential impact of a major operational.