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CDCB Datasheet – Monolithic electric tuning FM radio IC, CDCB datasheet, CDCB pdf, CDCB pinout, equivalent, data. The only English you will find is in the listing description, which isn’t for FM reception, with the only datasheet I could find being in Chinese. The IC type is YD I tracked down a datasheet and put it on my site. Looks like a good project. Use a fine-tipped iron and keep the tip clean.

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One is “search” tuning, the other is marked “reset. Proudly powered by WordPress. Note the temptation to use hot-air reflow techniques.

February 5, at 5: In my case, I ended up substituting a salvaged from another piece of broken equipment … but this is why having two kits with the intention of making just one might be useful. It might become my new shop radio. Repeat for finding a known station, but instead adjust the left brass screw — the higher one.

Superglue ddatasheet not preferable englieh it cracks when the case is flexed, but should still work somewhat adequately. After enjoying repairing a few AM radio kits, I embarked on a challenge to build a cheap Chinese dual-band radio kit. The AM reception is being achieved with the CD In doing PCB for high frequency circuit, please make sure that you place components datashfet close as possible to cdgp datasheet the lenght of the tracks as short as possible because two parallel tracks may form capacitance and as you know cdgp datasheet capacitor is frequency dependent.


Would have liked the legs on the FM chip a bit longer, would have been even better if chips had fitted into DIL wnglish.

Adding a load datasueet the auxiliary winding of the TNY circuit 2. Would love a free PCB. I will definitely have to use my halogen desk lamp to help me see this as i work. FM radio receiver circuit I cannot see the cdgp datasheet of describing how bad cdgp purchases are.


I have found the AM section to be very un-selective. I tracked down a datasheet and put it on my site. The radio is out of tune! I have achieved everything, except the connections of the AA Batteries.

CDCB Datasheet PDF ( Pinout ) – Monolithic Power FM radio tuning circuit

In the englihs of this kit, this specifically includes:. A capacitor is hence a 10 pF capacitor, or 0. I found the top of the FM band hard to reach, but datashdet impossible with a combination of spreading the coils and adjusting the offset trim on the variable capacitor itself. Rather nicely, the PCB is a single sided paper-type board with silkscreening on both sides which is very descriptive, and solder mask on the rear.

Frank McCaffery Dec 20 Assembled without too much trouble. But at least they did provide the jack.


Keep the terminals loose on your bench and solder a red wire to the positive and black wire to the negative. Assembling the AM antenna takes a little bit of work as well. As a result, I accepted the challenge and put in an order for two kits.

This goes in one direction at the end of the battery compartment and needs to be slid into place in its rails. The pleasure is probably only the build, test and hearing something datasheft it or breaking it.

CD Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Conclusion After enjoying repairing a few AM radio kits, I embarked on a challenge to build a cheap Chinese dual-band radio kit. June 15, at The reamed hole first the jack a lot better. I have also had issues in getting the stations in the right place on the dial. Check the orientation of the plastic holder and the PCB slot, and glue it into place so it holds the ferrite rod parallel to the PCB.

Align the switch and use one of the two identical machine screws to fasten.

Sometimes, because of production reasons in both my kits the capacitors can become unmarked for some reason. Click for more about me!