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Halting State [Charles Stross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the year , Sergeant Sue Smith of the Edinburgh constabulary is. CHARLES STROSS Halting State is the book William Gibson’s Spook Country should have been. For one thing, it’s actually about what it would (will?) be like. “Halting State” wasn’t intended to be predictive when I started writing it in . t3knomanser replied to this comment from Charlie Stross.

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Then there’s the visceral dislike of Salmond that motives quite a lot of people. With the major theme of the novel being immersive gaming it took me back to those choose-your-own-adventure books as a child — “You are standing in the nave of a seventeenth-century church, its intricately carved stone surfaces dimly illuminated by candles.

Actually the resources are propping Scotland up – never heard of the Barnett formula? Someone is also telling non-UK immigrants most of whom can vote as they are EU or Commonwealth citizens that they’ll be thrown out in the event of independence. Your original claim was that another vote would not occur within a generation “no matter what hapting.

Here’s what SHE’s thinking: I was worried I was in for another book where half of dtross story is set inside of a computer fantasy land, but it actually remains more or less grounded in the real world with only the occasional jaunt off into the realm computer stuff.

Through some kind of folk-math dimensional analysis, the length of above-ground power lines cancels by the length of them required to reach the person.

As with many such books, Halting State makes use of the conspiracy-implicit idea that the main characters, having seemingly been thrown together by chance, were actually manipulated into meeting and groomed to play their roles from the very beginning.


And maybe some people are betting on No because if they win at least they get a bit of tax-free money.

Halting State

They’re looking to lock in chzrles candidates for the next Holyrood elections now so there won’t be any seats available for the big beasts to contest. Aug 09, Cheri rated it it was ok Shelves: It is hard to imagine a situation where this would be withheld following a free and fair referendum.

Trouble is, about the only parts that haven’t happened yet are Scottish Independence and the use of actual quantum computers for cracking public key encryption and there’s a big fat question mark over the latter—what else are the NSA up to? stros

The main story is split between three main protagonists, Sue, Elaine, and Jack, respectively, whose sections are always in the second personwith italicised thoughts in first person during each character’s respective chapter. Of course, there’s the theory that they do have such things and they’re indulging in all the other humint activities simply to avoid showing their hand.

Charlie does participate on many online sites. But 50 years ago an Asimov story looked at solid timewhich seems equally productive.

Someone has knocked over a bank in Second Life Avalon Four. In the end the plot is resolved by infodump. Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content. Balting right of centre representation in Holyrood is a fairish reflection of the way people voted.

Currently, they want your facebook password, so they’re not that committed to your privacy.

Halting State by Charles Stross | : Books

The story is set in independent Scotland in ztate Also refers to I would give it 2. Other books in the series. A daring bank robbery has taken place at Hayek Associates — a dot-com start-up company that’s just floated onto the London stock exchange.


They key bit is under the photo: Many of the issues involved relying on council records of “what’s underneath the roads we’re digging up?

If its not the potential for corruption inside the security services, its the results when non-state spies obtain their techniques. But she soon realizes that the virtual world may have a devastating effect in the real one-and that someone is about to launch an attack upon both That depends on how you look at it, doesn’t it. CopSpace sheds some light on matters, of course.

If you are up for a techno mystery with neat ideas and some sparse action thrills, you will enjoy this book. And the same subsystem controls your wifi and Bluetooth. A humorous hentai website I discovered at rule So if independence goes forward, will the third book in the “trilogy” be written in Scottish or in English?

The author just dumps you into and turns you loose. Now, as for yesterday’s subject, I know its a long shot, but I could really sink my teeth into a Strossian recension of the King James Necronomicron.

The last time I reread this book must have been before I was writing reviews. Scenes like this would be impossible: Explore the Home Gift Guide. Other reasons I didn’t love this book. See all books by Charles Stross. Wars have satte been about either ideology or control direct or indirect over things of value.