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Find great deals for DATRON A Digital Mulitmeter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This is a GENUINE Datron , A, & Digital Multimeters Calibrating & Operation Manual (printed in ). This manual contains super illustrations. COMPUTE-. The Datron , A and AUTOCAL multi-function, microprocessor controlled digital voltmeters (DVM) are high precision measuring.

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Use the ‘A-B’ computation mode to null out the reading: The board houses 4k bytes of program memory M3 containing the sub-routines to control the instrument from the IEEE Bus. As an example we will check to see if the AC option is fitted. Two screened cables are used to transfer the signals to the rear: This forces a full- wave rectified current to flow in RMS module M6.

Repeat 2122 and 23 until crest factor readings are within limits. This listing has ended. The bootstrap circuit of Q19 presents the varicap diode.

Up to volts is present inside the instrument. The voltage produced is fed to the AC converter via connector J1 pin 11 and applied to varicap D The output lines of Mil are connected to the bases of transistors Q1-Q3, QQ20 which act as anode switches.

ZooooZ 2 Centralize R and R Q12 is a well matched monolithic NPN transistor pair exhibiting minimal voltage drift and low noise charact- eristics, the output being buffered by M Apply IV 50kHz and adjust C63 for a display dateon 1. Guard is not directly linked to the front panel Lo terminal, as this becomes active in 4-wire Ohms. As in REF 1, a null detector pulse causes the counting period to end M and increments the sequencer via M causing datrno A and B lines to change state.

Locate the link s connecting the split primary on the prirrted circuit board in front of 10661a toroidal line transformer. Access to the non-volatile memory is gained using a key inserted into the rear panel.


DATRON 1061 Digital Multimeter

Thus the difference between input signal and power supply around the input stage is maintained constant whatever the input signal. Where no tolerance is shown in this column, only the exact reading quoted with an occasional least significant digit showing is to be expected.

Turn instrument on and allow 5 minutes warm-up period. Connect oscilloscope Lo to TP28 and monitor M53 pin M19 and M20 are backed up by a battery to privide the non-volatile ‘Calib- ration’ and ‘Zero’ memory. A simplified diagram of this arrangement is shown in Fig.

Carry out the Specification Verification tests Sec- tion 8, User’s Handbook and recalibrate if necessary. Guard is connected to Lo using a copper shorting dattron. Looking at 10611a procedure, dtaron more detail, the Analog Interface Data ID lines are all set to a logic ‘1’except one, which is set to a logic ‘O’, depending on the option being interrogated See Fig. M13 and M14 form a summing full-wave rectifier.

DATRON Digital Multimeter | eBay

This is executed by clocking the ‘F. When the counter times out, M goes to logic-0, enabling M via M On each range just a ‘Zero’, ‘Gain’ and ‘AcHf’ calibration is required. Check that display can be calibrated to The ‘Hold’ mode may be released any time and the instrument will free run again.

Thus the inputs to the ‘Ratio Input’ on the rear panel are connected to the measurement cir- cuits. On each range a ‘Zero’ and ‘Gain’ calibration is required for each polarity of input. Overload protection up to 2 amps is provided by diodes D13 — D Remove top cover and locate battery on the Digital assembly see Fig. The cover is in good shape with soiling and wear. The function of this section of the circuitry is to generate the sequence that when transferred to the analog section, controls the sequence from RESET through the integration cycle and back to RESET.


Steps v and vi are used only when I or 12 is selected. IV range and apply 10MJ2 across input ter- minals. Q31 is ‘closed’ from M5 – 13 causing a signal of 0. As mentioned in the ‘Procedure Outline’ for a manual calibration, dxtron rear panel address switch should be set to 31, i. Lo daron an active terminal in resistance meas- urements.

The multiplexer is then placed in a reset condition ready for the next measurement The resistor chains RR43 and RR90 are binary cycle. Apply V, kHz note error and adjust C61 to double the displayed error in the same direct- ion. The line frequency is sampled and compared to the internal master clock.

This signal can then be used, for example, to drive X-Y plotters or strip chart recorders. This signal is fed to M via inverter M39 and after a further – 2is compared with dayron actual line frequency see Fig 3.

DATRON 1061A Digital Mulitmeter

If outside these limits, the cal stores should be cleared as described in para 4. The output of the block is fed back to Vf, thus closing the loop around the whole circuitry.

I5;s 75 9 gois. These signals zeners via R and R38 respectively. The pipeline comprises three levels. Re-apply -HO volts and adjust R23 for a displayed reading of 10 – E. Due to our policy of continuously updating our products, this handbook may contain minor differences in specification, components and circuit design to the instrument actually supplied.