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ICEA S applies to materials, constructions, and testing of crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR). Find the most up-to-date version of ICEA S at Engineering ANSI / ICEA S Standard for extruded insulation power cables rated above 46 through. kV. ISO Standards. Our systems comply with the.

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The cable sample may be re-terminated for this test.

ICEA S – PDF Free Download

The separator tape, if present, shall not be included as part of,the jacket thickness. If both such second samples pass iccea test, the lot of cable except the length represented by the first sampleshall be considered as meeting the requirements of this standard.

Nso, a radial moisture bamer is optional for crosslinked poiyethyiene insulated cables intended for dry locations. Class II is for Discharge-Free designs only. The members of the ICEA working group contributing to the writing of this Standard consisted of the following: Requests for icex of this Standard must be submitted in writing to the Insulated Cable Engineers Association, Inc.

ICEA S-108-720

The bedding layer shall be Semiconducting and meet the requirements of part 5. The first is Cable Qualification. ASTM B for electrical grade aluminum drawing stock. In extreme cases, it 10 be necessary to use a segmental spechen.

The volume resistivity shall be calculated as follows: The extruded shield shall be readily distinguishable from the insulation and plainly identified as semiconducting. The material qualification is valid until the compound is 70. A cable with a jacket which was applied in one continuous run with one jacket compound and one jacket thickness.


18 11 contains appendices of pertinent information. Overload temperatures are to OCfor cables rated up to and including kV and OCfor cables rated abwe kV. For the shipping length to pass, both samples shall meet the requirements of this section.

See AppendM H andlor contadthe manufadursr for further information. The samples shall be taken near the beginning, near the middle and near the end of each extruder run. A discernible region of cornpound constituents in ethylene propylene based insulation which is gelatinous, not readily removable from the insulation, and generally translucent. Other nonmagnetic metal tapes having equivalent conductance may be used upon agreement between the manufacturer and purchaser.

Additional qualification tests in ASTM B 5 for electrical grade copper. High Dielectric Constant Compound: Connect the two inner electrodes potential to potentiometer leads of a bridge or to a voltmeter. Phase-to-ground test voltage Vented Water Tree: The wafer s shall then be removed from the solvent and examined for shieldlinsulation interface continuity with a minimum power magnification. The a maybe lowered, but with a correspondingly longer testing time in order to avoid too 1108 stresses.

SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. The extruded material shall be either semiconducting or nonconducting for ethylene propylene rubber EPR type insulation and semiconducting only for crosslinked polyethylene XLPE type insulation.

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The electrical stress at the conductor shall not exceed the values given in Table or the stress qualified by the manufacturer whichever is lower. The diameter shall not differ from the nominal values shown in Table by more than f 2 percent. The direction of lay may be right-hand or left-hand.

The cable shall be unwound and the bend repeated in the opposite direction. Size of conductors in circular mils. The first four members of the alkane series methane, ethane, propane, and butane came into common use before any attempt was made to systematize nomenclature. The information presented here is only intended to give the cable user a brief review of some of the variables that must be considered before operating a cable system at emergency temperatures above i05 OC.

A shield applied over the insulation results in a symmetrically distributed radial stress, thus utilizing the insulation to its greatest efficiency Figure D2b.

All rights ocea translation into other languages, reserved under the Universal Copyright Convention, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, and the international and Pan American Copyright Conventions.

Jacket irregularity inspection test shall be performed in accordance with 7. The interface between the extruded insulation shield and the insulation shall be free of any voids larger than 2 mils 0.