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Köp böcker av Kerstin Gier: Safirblå; Dream on; Emerald Green Rubinrot – Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten. av Kerstin Gier. Häftad, Tyska, Katharina Schöde (screenplay), Kerstin Gier (novel) Maria Ehrich and Jannis Niewöhner in Rubinrot () Maria Ehrich and Laura Berlin in Rubinrot (). Title: Ruby Red (original title Rubinrot – Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten). Author: Kerstin Gier. Genre: Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Historical.

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They’re not doing anything meaningful, just hopping back and forth and arguing about it. I started to feet bored reading it when I read around 50 pages but I kept reading and the only reason I did that because I was waiting kerstib the problem or something to happen and when I reached pageI honestly did not have any patience anymore.

Lord Alistair is oerstin around by the ghost of his ancestor, Conte di Madrone, who founded the Florentine Alliance. All right synopsis first: I really appreciate all the likes and I hope you all have a fabulous day and happy reading to you all! Find more of my books on Instagram Gideon de Villiers and Gwen are attacked by assassins in the eighteenth century.

Aaron is a high kersyin jock with a promising future. Caroline Shepherd Gwyneth’s younger, 9-year-old sister. It’s a German book by a German author.

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Who the fuck does he think he is? Lucas tells her that he found out that elapsing to the past, then using the chronograph to elapse further back into the past was entirely possible, and Lucas sent Lucy and Paul to to see Hamlet.


Todas las situaciones de las que somos testigos nos encantan, nos entretienen y hasta nos hacen reir. Gwen can enjoy a normal life without all the drama that comes with having the “special” gene.

Böcker av Kerstin Gier

The two head back to the Temple, and before Gwen disappears, he tells her that the Count had enemies in the Florentine Alliance, that he had private documents not recorded in the Annals, and that reading all twelve of the time traveler’s blood into the chronograph was not the only thing that had to be done in order to reveal its secret. Ruby Red 5 8 Aug 27, She has is physically different than the rest of the Montroses having straight dark hair and blue eyes. The guardians want to get the blood from each of the time-travelers registered into the chronograph so they can find out some prophecy and scheme some schemes.

Together, with Charlotte, he has been prepared for time travel his whole life, resulting in him being very talented and smart, as well as being arrogant.

She is very talented at everything she does and is described as exceptionally beautiful and charming.

She had no personality except to be the friend who googled everything and finds out loads of information and is soooo excited for her friend. Then, she meets Gideon.

Gwyneth, Nick, and Caroline’s mother. Able to visit other people’s dreams whether they want her to or notLiv has solved mysteries, unearthed difficult truths, fought kerstiin, and escaped lif The story starts out in modern vier with Gwyneth watching her cousin train to be a time traveler.

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Finally, I want to talk about theme. It never once gets boring with them.

Kerstin Gier

She knows right away that she, and not Charlotte, was born to be a time traveler – even if she could certainly do without it. Plus it is set in London. That same night, she elapses again, though is nearly caught by Glenda and Charles who at the time, was living in her room. There’s no fantasy here, just an odd, secretive political intrigue about a secret society of once-a-generation time travelers who go back into time to She also has a best friend who I really really loved.

Whitman, hits him before falling back down again. And then it ends extremely abruptly. The two go down to remove the painting, only to be caught by Mr. See all 33 questions about Rubinrot…. This book had its issues, especially the grammar yes, I do know that this book was written in German and then translated to English but I adored it nonetheless.

There’s no time to wallow in tears. Overall, characters were fantastic! I’m going to listen to the next two audiobooks anyway though! It rubbinrot fast paced and a cute story.