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NEERUKONDA RAVI. RAMA RAO. T. SECOND .. MED. NAME: SECOND YEAR. THIRD YEAR. 01 — NAGANABOYINA PANDU RANGA. S. Pandurangam, D. Pandya, P. Pankratov, A. K. ,01 1 Pankratov, A. V. Pankratov, B Panov, K. 15 17 Papapetrou, . 28, MH/SAY01, KALU MAHADU MENGAL, CENTRAL . 63, MH/SAY01, TANHAJI PANDU PATHAVE, STATE BANK OF.

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Most of these verses are describing or even addressed to the female figures depicted in the frescoes of Sigiriya. Weapons and tools of iron and steel were produced in large scale for the military. South Indian mercenaries were often employed in the armies of the Anuradhapura Kingdom during its latter stages. landu

The consecration ceremonies and rituals associated with kingship began during the reign of Devanampiya Tissa, [43] under the influence of Ashoka of India. Stupas were built enshrining an object of worship. The carvings at Isurumuniya are some of the best examples of the stone carving art of the 001 Kingdom.

Anuradhapura Kingdom

During the reign of Valagamba, the Pali Tripitaka was written in palm leaves. Statue making, most noticeably statues of the Buddhawas an art perfected by the Sri Lankan sculptors during the Anuradhapura Kingdom. One of the most important positions was the purohitathe advisor of the king. Throughout the history of Sri Lanka, Ruhuna served as a panfu for resistance movements.

The construction of Bisokotuvaa cistern sluice used to control the outward flow of water in pand, indicates a major advancement in irrigation technology. Initially, the administration of justice at village level was the responsibility of village assemblies, which usually consisted of the elders of the village.


The skills needed to train and care for these animals were highly regarded. Outline Index Bibliography Timeline Years The King and his generals led the army from the front during battles, mounted on elephants. Skill in arts was a respected and valued trait padnu this period and artists were well rewarded by the rulers.

Sri Lankan Monastic Architecture. Suitable methods for each type of material have been used to lay foundations on a firm basis.

Pandu – Oka Manchi Dnegudu gaadu | welcome to bollywood

The rulers from Vijaya to Subharaja 60—67 are generally considered as the Vijayan dynasty. The Springs of Sinhala Civilization. However, the king had to exercise this power with care and after consulting with his advisers. Metalwork was an important and well-developed craft, and metal tools such as axes, mammoties and hoes were widely used. Customs, traditions and moral principles based on Buddhism were used as the bases of law.

Retrieved 17 September Culture in the Anuradhapura Kingdom was largely based on Buddhism with the slaughter of animals for food considered low and unclean. Samantapasadikaa 5th-century commentary, gives details of complex regulations on 155 theft of fish.

King Pandukabhaya, the founder and first ruler of the Anuradhapura Kingdom, fixed village boundaries in the country and established an administration system by appointing village headmen.

Currency was often used for settling judicial fines, taxes and payments for goods [N 5] or services. The major ports and towns of Sri Pamdu during the Anuradhapura period. Buildings were constructed using timber, bricks and stones. Before this, it had several principalities independent of the Anuradhapura Kingdom.


The chief judicial officer was known as viniccayamacca and there were several judicial officers under him, known as vinicchayaka. A close link existed between the ruler and the Sangha Buddhist priesthood since the introduction of Buddhism to the country. This association was initially with the Mahavihara sect, but by the middle of the 1st century BC, the Abhayagiri sect had also begun to have a close link to paandu ruling of panru country.

Lime mortar was used for plastering walls. This gradually developed into the modern sinhala 0068but this was not complete by the end of the Anuradhapura Kingdom.

The king was the final judge in legal disputes, and all cases against members of the royal family and high dignitaries of the state were judged by him. This article contains Indic text.

Anuradhapura Kingdom – Wikipedia

Irrigation and Water Management in Asia. Social History of Early Ceylon. Reservoirs were also constructed using tributaries of the Daduru Oya during this period, thereby supplying water to the south western part of the dry zone.