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Blond Eckbert is an opera by Scottish composer Judith Weir. The composer wrote the English-language libretto herself, basing it on the cryptic supernatural short story Der blonde Eckbert by the German Romantic writer Ludwig Tieck. ALTHOUGH Ludwig Tieck’s Mdrchen-. Erzihlung, “Der blonde Eckbert” (),’ has provoked a major psychoanalyst and several literary critics and scholars to. 2 Ludwig Tieck, Der blonde Eckbert, Mdrchen-Erzdihlungen. Mit einem. Nachwort von Konrad Nufbiicher ([Reclams] Universal-Bibliothek Nr. ; Stuttgart.

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Der Blonde Eckbert

See how injustice punishes itself! He decided to embark on a journey in the ddr of recomposing his disordered imagination; by blondde he had permanently renounced every thought of friendship and all desire for the company of other people. At long last I met a young knight whom I found exceedingly attractive; I offered him my hand in marriage—and with that marriage my story ends, Master Walther.

When she had done, she told me I might follow her.

Eckbert the Blond – Wikisource, the free online library

For the reader, the disturbance is similarly unsettling, leaving a distinct sense of unease and confusion, yet fulfilling precisely Tieck’s poetic goal. No trivia eckbrt quizzes yet.

While Tommasini welcomed the recording of Blond Eckbert and Service is enthusiastic about both its versions, other critics are more ambivalent. Eckbert fell to the ground. Never before had I been so overcome with pleasure as at that moment; I drew nearer to the coughing, and in a corner of the woods I caught sight of an old woman who seemed to be resting from some strenuous activity.

Anthony Tomassini, another critic at the same paper, describes the opera as “balancing between whimsy and terror”. Walther, too, retired to bed; only Eckbert remained awake, pacing restlessly up and down in the banqueting room. Absolutely adored this for some reason I could not sleep; in the darkness I heard the strangest noises; sometimes I took them to proceed from wild beasts, sometimes from wind moaning through the rocks, sometimes from unknown birds.

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The only problem I have with them hence the three star rating is that I didn’t find them quite as gripping as I feel they should have been. I was required to spin thread, which I soon figured out how to do; in addition I had to look after the dog and the bird. I could not make up my mind whether or not to press on.

Fonch rated it did not like it Nov 29, No trivia or quizzes yet. How the tears ran down my cheeks for gladness, for a thousand singular remembrances! The old woman coughed and panted: Will he not, for such is human nature, cast unblessed thoughts on our jewels, and form pretexts and lay plans to get possession of them?

Approaching insanity, Eckbert reels when the vengeful old woman reveals to him that Bertha was, in fact, his own sister. Just der blonde Eckbert.

I’m sure it was fascinating Reread this today, just for fun, because for some reason, I really loved the whole story.

The Importance of Ambiguity in Tieck’s “Der blonde Eckbert”

That being said, however, the ending still leaves one with I’ve read Der blonde Eckbert twice actually, but I’d never read Der Runenberg Eckbert, feeling a compulsion to reveal any and all secrets to his friend, prompts his wife to recount the odd story of her youth: I did not have de heart ecjbert turn back, my fear drove me onwards; I often looked around in alarm when the wind streamed over my head as it passed through the trees, or the sound of an axe-blow struck by some faraway woodcutter broke the matutinal silence.

He took his bow, to dissipate these thoughts; and went to hunt.

I felt a shudder that a stranger should help me to recall the memory of my secrets. So I continued walking amid many sighs and tears; whenever I stopped to rest and set the cage on the ground, the bird would sing its curious song, and I would quite vividly remember the lovely little domicile that I had left behind. When I read of witty persons, I could not figure them but like the little shock; great ladies, I conceived, were like the bird; all old women like my mistress.


Holland finds the work tiecck and lacking in development. What joy to abide. My young soul was here first taken with a forethought of the world and its vicissitudes.

Eckbert the Blond

In a district of the Harz dwelt a Knight, whose common designation in that quarter was the Fckbert Eckbert. It was late in Autumn, when Eckbert, one cloudy evening, was sitting, with his friend and his wife Bertha, by the parlour fire. Eckbert could not comprehend such conduct; he went to see his wife, and found her in a feverish state; she said her last night’s story must have agitated her. Your friend Walther and your other friend Hugo were both none other than me. My father still maintained that it was nothing but caprice in me, or a lazy wish to pass my days in idleness: Bewailing his life of horrific isolation, Eckbert collapses in madness and despair.

I drew back quickly, and left the village weeping aloud. In a dreamy mood he mounted a hill: One would perhaps be very happy, could he pass his life so undisturbedly to the end. Posted by Douglas Robertson at 6: My father thought evkbert was mere stubbornness or laziness on my part that made me while away my days so idly; he laid into me with the most indescribable threats, and when these proved ineffective, he began to beat me unmercifully, saying as he did so that he would repeat this punishment every day until I stopped being hieck an utterly useless creature.

The bird, I found, laid every day an egg, in which there was a pearl or a jewel. Quinn Olsen rated it it was amazing Feb 12, It gets mentioned in the rer of Benjamin and Adorno by Benjamin and the locus classicus on forgetting.

This uses chamber forces rather than the full orchestra of the two act version and omits the chorus.