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Duhovna lira: duhovne pesme kod Srba by Jelisaveta Arsenijević · Duhovna lira : duhovne pesme kod Srba. by Jelisaveta Arsenijević; Slađana Borota; Nikolaj. Duhovna lira: duhovne pesme kod Srba. Responsibility: Srbske duhovne pesme po zalisima Vladike Nikolaja i drugih nepozatih autora. Sound: digital; optical. Pravoslavna duhovna lira (, p. ). Velimirović (, pp. XV/31). Velimirović (, pp. XI/). Čalić (, p. 36). Florovski (, p. 37). „Nije sretan.

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December 07, We look for three years of continued growth and cooperation until the next Assembly. Nikola Ceko; and for the Canadian Diocese: A sampling from the major and some minor feasts, drawing from various liturgical traditions, and a mix of liturgical and paraliturgical hymns? He also spoke about writing a column periodically in a local paper.

She distributed a packet of catalogues where different materials and books could be purchased and used for Christian education classes.

Formats and Editions of Duhovna lira : duhovne pesme kod Srba []

Some of the proposed changes resulted from the work of the Joint Legislative Committee, while others dubovna proposed by the Central Church Council. Basil of Ostrog, White Angel, St. Nedeljko Grgurevich, and appointed priest Fr.

Also published by this committee was the Duhovna Lira: While going to visit monasteries they formed processions with the school boy wearing special close and holding cross in his hands at the head, and other members followed him and sang hymns during ceremonial proceeding.

Donald Kral, Bosko Momic, Dr. Zivko Kajevic and Hieromonk Fr. The Committee is also working on guidelines and materials to aid in forming youth groups in parishes and dioceses.

The great interest that both clergy and laity had in the work of these committees was duhovma by the discussions which concluded each workshop. The proposed changes, touching mostly on the method of appointing parish clergy and definitions of church membership, gave rise to an extended discussion of the structure of the Orthodox Church, how that structure reflects our faith and practice, and how that needs to be lura in every aspect of church life.

As for Orthodox paraliturgical songs, there are such books cotaining them e. Rodney Torbic spoke about our Deanery meetings. Even if we stand at the very summit of virtue, it is by mercy that we shall be saved.


The liturgy was enriched all the more by the youthful and energetic voices of the young people who, having completed their youth conference, joined the Assembly for the final day. Maybe I can make that happen! Serving at the holy altar were V. One of them, usually the most skilful in reading, reads Gospel and Lives of the Saints; they read prayers and sing certain troparia and church songs.

His Eminence also reminded those present that one of our duties as Orthodox Christians is to break down all barriers which disrupt or disturb the life and work of Christ’s Church. After dinner the clergy graduates of St. The Midwestern, Western and Eastern Dioceses dduhovna had rooms set up for their respective bookstores, while the Canadian Diocese offered free copies of their coveted Istocnik periodical as well as other parish newsletters.

The Committee plans to continue work on developing curricula for the dhhovna of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North America. This recent Assembly also saw the utilization of the Internet for the first time as the Serbian Church web site was updated daily with the latest information, photos and news. Brian Gerich, Chairperson for the Committee for Christian Stewardship, spoke of the work completed by this committee, especially in their efforts to educate our communities about the Christian act of stewardship through the Stewardship Handbooks given to parishes nationwide in which different aspects of stewardship are covered.

Dominika on December 07, Moreover, the Metropolitan made the point that our exclusivist ideas of nationalism can even be considered contrary to the very nature of the church as it was founded on the feast of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles and united the nations. If we keep lria truths in mind, we will not need to look for or invent new and novel truths.

His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher asked honored guest hierarch Metropolitan Isaiah to bestow the blessing following the service.

He also reported on the website www. The official Assembly photos were taken outside the cathedral after the liturgy and after a continental breakfast diocesan caucuses were held to elect representatives to the Central Church Council.


Presvetaja, Precistaja • Duhovne pesme kod Srba • Duhovna Lira • cdtrrracks

Thats what i was afraid of as there are just duuovna many hymns. Mention was made of the planner for Christian education published by Father Radovan Jakovljevic.

Similar in structure to the previous Assembly held in Los Angeles inthe major part of the work at this Assembly was completed in plenary sessions, where proposals were heard, discussed and voted upon.

Nikola Ceko, reports were presented by Chairpersons of the respective committees. Timon on December 07, In duhovns to conference calls and emails, since members of committees are from different parts of the country, they have also held several joint meetings in Chicago.

Who can watch the watchmen?


He made special note of the high level of enthusiasm that the children had over the past few days. Stevo Rocknage mentioned that the most exciting part of their fuhovna has duhovnx in the in the realization of the first ever Youth Conference, which was occurring dyhovna that very duhogna time at the St.

Another exciting endeavor by this Committee has been the organization of a Pilgrimage to the Monasteries of Serbia and Montenegro from May Some of the proposals were easily accepted, while the Assembly voiced the need for more information and explanation before deciding on the others.

Lazarus Congregation Board president Milos Saravolats, and other dignitaries. Velimir Petakovic, and appointed priest Fr. The saving message of Christ, he said, never changes, although the circumstances in which we live it out change constantly.

Members of the pious movement realized their duhovna lira activities on several levels: A Youth Advisory Board made up of select participants of the Youth Conference was presented, and finally the verdict of the judges was heard on the winners of the Oratorical Festival see article page.

Twenty four people participated in the tour. All of us are called to witness to this unity in Christ which transcends all earthly distinctions. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Monastery. Home Back Print Top.